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Sensitive Teeth? See the dentist, today!

Sensitive teeth is not an elderly thing. Neither is it the result of poor brushing. People of any age can suffer from sensitive teeth. The prime duty is to find out the reasons for its development and treat it immediately to avoid further damage.

What triggers tooth sensitivity?
According to a dentist in Jubilee hills, Dentin hypersensitivity or teeth sensitivity can be caused by myriad reasons, of which, partial or complete loss of tooth enamel is one main reason.

Any underlying gum disease can also activate tooth sensitivity.
Decayed teeth and dental cavities worsen teeth sensitivity conditions.
Cracked teeth, poor gum health
More intake of acidic foods wears out the enamel leading to sensitivity
Frequent teeth bleaching and rough brushing routine are other reasons

When to see your dentist?
A dental hospital in Yousufguda urges its patients to be more aware and alert of teeth sensitivity since it triggers many following teeth problems. See the dentist immediately to find out the exact reason for your sensitive teeth. He/she prescribes you a customised treatment plan for the same based on the intensity of your problem.

How to alleviate tooth sensitivity?
Sensitivity can affect a single tooth or a series of adjacent teeth, especially the molars or premolars. Some people may have full mouth sensitivity. Topical treatments like mouthwashes, fluoride-rich gels or rinses can help in some cases.

A dental clinic in Somajiguda insists on visiting a dentist at least twice yearly. This helps the dentist to diagnose the root cause of any oral problems and treat it in the first stage.

Primary care for sensitive teeth
Using sensitive toothpaste and toothbrush can help people with pain and discomfort while brushing. Avoiding acidic foods, eating vitamin and mineral-rich foods, and brushing gently can help alleviate tooth pain due to sensitivity.

If the above precautions still don’t help you, visit a nearby dentist before it’s too late!