Your Teeth or Tobacco? Oral cancer or long life?

Your Teeth or Tobacco? Oral cancer or long life?


Tobacco kills! Everybody knows this, but only a few take care. Consuming or chewing tobacco could give short-term pleasure, but the after-effects are invasive and unwanted. Here, we attempt to aware those ignorant people of “How tobacco affects your teeth?” so that they have longer lives.

A famous dentist in Hyderabad says that we are what we eat. Yes, it is true to the core that our body functions on what we give to it through our mouth. Oral hygiene is the primary health concern for overall well-being. The more we take care of our teeth and gums, the healthier our bodies will be. Tobacco consumption is a big NO for people anxious about teeth stains and bad breath if they are beginners. Whereas for regular consumers, it is an alarming sign of their depleting lifeline!

Know how tobacco affects your teeth here:
Smoking and chewing tobacco develop bad breath and yellowish stains on teeth that make you limit smiling and uncomfortable talking. Also, you are prone to oral cavities, tooth decay, and gum recession which are irreversible. If the habit persists, you may develop lung cancer or mouth cancer!

A dental clinic in Chandanager often deals with patients complaining of dry mouth, gingivitis, tooth loss, or receding gums. It points out that the main culprit for the above problems or its likes is tobacco consumption.

How to stop consuming tobacco and save your teeth?
If you are a beginner, it is easy quitting and save your oral health. But if you are an addict, you need to consult a healthcare provider to help you quit tobacco. Quit it now if you wanna live longer. Quit it now if you wish to have a stronger teeth line with no stains.

A dental hospital in Begumpet surveyed that smokers are more likely to lose their teeth and gums than non-smokers! There is more to our lives than tobacco and many unhealthy things. After all, it is more important to live healthier than to lead an ailing life.

So, quit now to have brighter teeth and healthier life! Life is a one-time opportunity!

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