Transform Your Smile: The Power of Crowns and Bridges

Transform Your Smile: The Power of Crowns and Bridges


What do you prefer – wearing a helmet and saving your head or making your head vulnerable to risks? Yes, according to a renowned dentist in Hyderabad, a crown is a helmet to the tooth! It is a ceramic cap put in by a dentist to increase the life of a damaged tooth. Dentists often recommend it to save a broken or cracked tooth.

Dental crowns and bridges serve as the support system for the remaining healthy teeth of a patient. They offer strength to bite and chew and also add to a beautiful smile when it comes to aesthetics. In this blog, let’s know more about how to save your teeth with the help of crowns and bridges. 

What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are tooth-shaped prosthetic devices custom-made to fit over existing teeth or dental implants.

Crowns completely encase an entire existing tooth above the gum line when a tooth becomes weakened due to decay, fractures, large fillings, root canals, or other damage. The crown restores the tooth’s shape, size, and strength so it can withstand normal chewing forces.

Bridges span the gap from one or more missing teeth and attach to the natural teeth on either side of the space. The missing tooth portion in the middle of a bridge is called a pontic. It is fused between crowns placed over the anchoring teeth for support. Bridges are considered more permanent restorations but can be removed if needed.

Both crowns and bridges help prevent further tooth deterioration and restore chewing capacity, proper speech, tooth alignment, facial support, smile aesthetics, and other functions when teeth are compromised. They prevent the need for partial dentures or options with more tooth removal.

Difference Between Crowns and Bridges?

FeatureDental CrownsDental Bridges
UseRestore a damaged toothReplace missing teeth
What does it do?Covers entire visible tooth above gum lineSpans space from missing teeth; fuses crowns together for support
When Needed?Teeth damaged by decay, fractures, etc. need reinforcementLoss of one or more adjacent teeth causes a gap
StructureCustom fabricated cap cemented onto one natural toothOne or more false teeth fused between two crown anchors cemented onto natural teeth
Makes toothAppear intact above gumlineAppear intact; restores gap from loss
RestoresShape, appearance, strength of a single damaged toothSmile continuity; chewing ability
PreventsFurther decay or breakage of vulnerable toothBone loss from missing teeth; shifting of other teeth
RemovableUsually only by dentistYes, though meant for long-term wear

The Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

The major advantages of tooth crowns and bridges include:

Materials used to make dental crowns

Based on the requirement, crowns are available in varied materials like porcelain, zirconia, gold, or a combination of metals. A dental clinic in Yousufguda has multiple options for its patients to choose from to repair a cracked tooth.

Cost of dental crowns and bridges

Nowadays, having a crown or bridge doesn’t cost us much. Many dental clinics around the city offer them at affordable prices so that even a person can take the treatment. The dental cap cost in Hyderabad depends on the dental clinic you choose and the dentist’s experience. A dental clinic in Yousufguda fixes crowns and bridges at very reasonable prices. Also, it has the best dentists in the city.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Crowns and bridges must be kept extremely clean through daily home care to prevent problems underneath them. Thorough tooth brushing and daily flossing remove plaque that can still collect on teeth under restorations and cause new decay or gum disease. Using an antiseptic mouthwash also protects restored teeth from bacterial issues.

See your dentist in Hyderabad promptly if you ever detect loosening, damage, or problems with dental work already done. Small issues can become larger, expensive problems if not corrected quickly. Regular dental cleanings and checkups will help ensure your restorations last many years.


Dental crowns or bridges may be treatment solutions if you have a damaged tooth, missing tooth, or gap from tooth loss. Schedule a consultation to determine whether these restorations are appropriate for your needs. An experienced dentist can evaluate your teeth and gums and recommend suitable treatments. 

So, if you are looking for the best dental crowns and bridges in Hyderabad, National Dental Care has got you covered. Our expert team of dentists can treat your oral condition with utmost care and professionalism. Visit our dental clinic in Yousufguda or our website to learn more about our services. 


Are crowns and bridges durable?

Although the structures support the patients with biting hard foods and chewing, too much is a big no. Excessive biting of hard foods can poke the tooth nerves under the crowns.

What are dental crowns and bridges? 

Dental crowns are caps placed over damaged teeth to protect and strengthen them. Bridges span spaces where one or more teeth are missing using artificial teeth fused to crowns on surrounding natural teeth.

Why would someone need a crown or bridge?

Crowns reinforce cracked, worn, or previously filled teeth. Bridges restore missing teeth to prevent issues like tooth movement, bone loss, chewing problems, and speech changes.

Do bridges and crowns look natural? 

Yes, bridges and crowns are custom-made to precisely match your natural teeth’ size, shape, and color for a seamless fit and appearance.

Do crowns and bridges require special care? 

You should brush and floss around crowns and bridges daily to keep them plaque-free and prevent decay and gum disease. Avoid chewing excessively hard foods, use a nightguard if you grind teeth, and see your dentist regularly to ensure they stay intact.

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