Traditional Braces or Clear Aligners. What to choose?

Traditional Braces or Clear Aligners. What to choose?

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Your orthodontist considers certain points before fixing your uneven teeth. Be it overcrowding, teeth gaps, or uneven teeth alignment, teeth braces can fix them. Your dentist uses braces to put pressure on your teeth to bring them to the desired position over a period of usage time. The question is, what type of braces to choose? Traditional vs clear aligners. Here you go with the details.

Appearance and maintenance:
If aesthetics is your prominence, you need to pick clear aligners. Since they are invisible and barely visible, you can give out a confident smile without having to show them off. But if you are the one who is lazy to maintain the clear aligners, go for the metal braces. Doctors recommend using clear aligners for at least 20 hours a day and you have to remove them before brushing, eating and drinking. This is what makes it tough for the patients to remember wearing and removing them all through the day.

Clear aligners need replacement
A dentist in Somajiguda says that the metal braces require longer time periods of 2 years at least to work. Whereas the clear aligners can reposition your teeth every 2-3 weeks but you need a new set in every sitting. Since they are invisible and are in close contact with your teeth by applying constant pressure, your teeth reposition quickly. So, the existing clear aligners go in vain in the next sitting. For every 3 or 4 weeks, your dentist examines and prescribes you the new set.

Cleaning and maintenance
A dental clinic in Jubilee Hills offers the best orthodontic cosmetic services at an affordable cost. It insists its patients get a clear idea of what type of braces to choose before they begin the treatment. Traditional metal braces cause irritation and may lead to cuts or abrasions inside the mouth. Also, you have to be careful while brushing or flossing since minute food particles can stuck in the braces causing other teeth problems. Clear aligners are mouth-friendly, offer comfort and are easy to remove before eating and brushing.

Comfort and ease:
As per a dentist in Yousufguda, clear aligners are more comfortable and offer the patients the aesthetic look they desire. After all, everyone wants a presentable smile both on the professional and personal front as well.

To conclude, with the advancement of technology and the invention of the latest materials and tools, it has now become easy for orthodontists to treat their patients with ease and comfort. With less cost and reliable treatments, it is now easy for the public as well to go for cosmetic and corrective dentistry.

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