Teeth Whitening Treatment

What is teeth whitening?

When the natural colour of the teeth is lost and if the teeth look rustic, teeth whitening is the option to go for. This cosmetic procedure is often embraced for aesthetic reasons and also advised by dentists to restore the natural look of the teeth. The treatment needs a single visit to the dentist and the result lasts for a long. 

What are the reason to go for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening treatment has become an easy thing these days with the advanced technology in dental care. One needs to go for this treatment if they have stains on their teeth or have lost the natural colour and shine due to over intake of caffeine, tobacco, or wine. Aging and some medications are other factors that affect the tooth’s colour.

How is the teeth whitening treatment performed?

Teeth cleaning treatment is performed at almost every dental clinic in the city. The process involves a general look over of your teeth by the dentist so that he understands the intensity of the stains and proceeds further. Teeth scaling treatment is started with the removal of the film coat that is formed by the food and drink you took. Your dentist removes the plaque first and then proceeds to the actual teeth whitening treatment.

In the process, bleaching agents are applied to the teeth in very minimal amounts by covering the gums with a protective gel. Then the application is activated either by light or a harmless laser ray. The procedure lasts for about one and half an hour and finally, you could see two to three shades lighter versions of your teeth. The best teeth whitening treatment for sensitive teeth that the majority of the people look for is available in the city at many dental clinics. A dental clinic in Panjagutta is one of them.

National dental care adopts the latest technology and tools for teeth whitening such as bleaching and laser ray or light polishing. It provides dental care services that are budget-friendly yet effective. Dentists here are well experienced and patient-friendly. A dentist in Jubilee Hills is the most searched-after one among the patients in the area. Hence, choosing one should be worth every penny.

What is the cost of teeth polishing treatment?

The teeth whitening cost in Hyderabad is not so pricey but varies from clinic to clinic. It also depends on to what extent your teeth were discoloured. A dental hospital in Somajiguda has profound dentists known for their experience in teeth polishing also at a lesser cost. NDC is one among the few dental clinics that offer the best pocket-friendly dental services to its patients. Compare to the other dental hospitals, NDC is known for its exceptional dental treatments besides charging a lesser amount of teeth cleaning price in Hyderabad compared to its peers.


Q.1. How often should one go for teeth whitening?

When a qualified dentist performs teeth whitening, it usually would last 1 to 2 years depending on an individual’s oral care routine. However, it is recommended to have once-a-year teeth whitening.

Q.2. Is there any post-care routine after getting teeth whitening treatment?

Dentists ask to avoid brushing or caffeine intake for up to 6 to 12 hours after the treatment. Limiting the intake of tea, coffee and carbonated drinks and consuming tobacco can increase the oral health and life of whitened teeth. 

Q.3. Is teeth whitening a procedure painful?

No. It is completely a non-invasive and painless treatment. However, the patient feels a sense of pressure on the teeth while the process is on but there is nothing that troubles. 

Q.4. How long does the treatment last?

A dentist needs 30 to 60 minutes to whiten a patient’s teeth depending on the depth of discoloration and buildup on tartar.

Q.5. What is the cost of teeth whitening?

The price of the treatment varies and depends on several factors like the expertise of the dentist and the patient’s oral health condition. Consult the nearest NDC clinic for budget friendly and reliable teeth whitening treatment.