How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Root Canal?

how much should i expect to pay for a root canal

The prospect of a root canal treatment can be daunting, not just due to the procedure itself but also because of the associated costs. Many individuals, when faced with the need for dental care, often wonder, “How much should I expect to pay for a root canal?” If you’re in Hyderabad, navigating through the varied […]

Dental Crowns – The best solution to save tooth life

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are saviours to the existing teeth when it comes to misshaped or broken teeth. They add extra strength and restore the lost appearance to weak or repaired teeth.  What are dental crowns? Dental crowns are caps. In fact, they look-like tooth shaped caps that cover up partially decayed teeth that can’t be repaired […]

Know in detail about Root Canal Treatment

Rohit is a busy techie and he often binge eats. Owing to his busy schedule or maybe inattention towards healthy eating, Rohit ignores the toothache that often pokes him. A few days later, he becomes unable to even chew his food with severe jaw pain. After visiting a dental hospital he came to know that […]