Dental attention! Check if you need a tooth filling

tooth filling treatment

Unattended tooth cavity causes debris to accumulate in the tooth or in between the teeth. This leads to tooth sensitivity, pain and even discomfort while eating. Dental filling or commonly called tooth filling is a painless procedure that repairs a tooth.  What actually is tooth filling? Dentists remove the debris from the decayed part of […]

Is your child enjoying their brushing routine?

dentist in yousufguda

Brushing your kids’ teeth is not as simple as you think. Neither it is as dreadful as you fear. It is indeed a tactical routine that parents should teach their children, says a renowned dentist in Yousufguda. Is it too early to start brushing my kid’s teeth? Which brush to choose? How much amount of […]

Dental Fluorosis: All you need to know about it today!

Dental Fluorosis

A common term you all might have heard. But how far are you aware of the condition? A dental clinic in Jubilee Hills has come up with a motto to make people of all ages including children aware of what dental fluorosis is and how to treat it. We all know fluoride is an essential […]

Own a revamped smile with Invisible Braces Treatment

invisible braces treatment

Invisible Braces Treatment Are your metal braces poking your mouth from inside? Are the bracket braces stopping you from smiling your heart out? You don’t have to hide your smile anymore if you have already heard of the Invisible braces treatment! Yes, as invisible as they sound. Having crooked, chipped, overbite, underbite or misshapen teeth […]