Tooth abscess or dental abscess. All you need to know

tooth abscess

When you neglect a dental cavity and don’t treat it, it leads to bacterial infection. A ball of pus forms due to this infection either on the tip of the root or on the gums. This is a tooth abscess or dental abscess. A dentist in Panjagutta says that an abscess formed on the tip […]

The Right Oral Care In Older Age For A Healthy Living

oral care in older age

Oral care for older age is a concern since it involves a number of teeth and gum problems. Treatments for tooth troubles are also a challenge owing to their age. Dry mouth, gingivitis, receding gumline and decayed teeth are common issues in the elderly. Fixing these oral problems can become tough considering their overall health […]

Get your Wisdom tooth removed to prevent tooth loss!

wisdom tooth removed

As said and heard, Wisdom Tooth – the third set of molars, are considered unnecessary by many! Also, some people even consider them as additional or unwanted structures of the human body! Baffled? Don’t be so, because these very corner teeth that lie at the back of the mouth are mostly unused. According to some […]