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Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment (RCT) or technically, Endodontic treatment is a painless procedure of saving an infected or inflamed tooth from further damage or extraction. As they say, prevention is better than cure, it is of utmost concern to get a decayed, painful and infected tooth treated.

When do we need to go for Root Canal Treatment?

Not every tooth or gum problem results in extraction of a tooth. In the very first place, it is needed to understand the severity of the case depending upon the tooth structure. Enamel, Dentin and Pulp are the three core layers that a typical tooth is made up of. If the particular infection affects the pulp of the tooth, i.e., the innermost or the third layer, then Root Canal Treatment is what an endodontist suggests. The pulp of the tooth consists of the core nerves and thus an infection here could lead to the multiplication of the bacteria which when left untreated could affect the adjacent teeth.

How do we conclude the severity?

With symptoms starting from tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods, gum bleeding, toothache to gum swelling and severe gum pain, one needs to consult an endodontist for advice. Root canal treatment is only advised if the tooth decay or infection is unstoppable with just cleaning and filling.

How does a typical RCT perform?

The below-listed procedure is how a basic root canal treatment in India is performed.

The patient has to undergo a tooth x-ray so that the dentist can know the severity of the infection in detail.

The next step includes numbing the tooth and the surrounding gum with the help of some anaesthesia.

Then the infected tooth is drilled to the pulp portion to remove the bacteria-multiplying debris. In the process, a few dead nerves are also included. Cleaning the canal of the tooth till the roots and using a disinfectant to stop further damage and then sealing the drilled portion are the crucial steps. Once the pulp of the tooth is cleaned and filled, the endodontist finally tops the sealed tooth with a cap called crown to protect the filling.

How much does Root Canal Treatment cost in India?

The cost of root canal treatment in Hyderabad, India is very much affordable and doesn’t cost you a bomb in your nearest location.

To conclude, prevention of an infection from further spreading is crucial and if not, it may result in undesirable health ailments. The only option left other than RCT is tooth extraction because we know no one would like to show off a missed tooth while smiling. So it is better to retain than removing a tooth.