Know the facts about dental flap surgery in detail

Know the facts about dental flap surgery in detail

Dental Flap Surgery

Dental care is often regarded as the most essential health care routine as oral hygiene is the mirror of overall hygiene. Neglecting oral health, especially not regularly cleaning the teeth and visiting the dentist, gum diseases develop. Periodontitis is a severe stage of gum disease with swelling and painful gums with bleeding.  Periodontal pockets are a result of deprived gum tissue from the teeth. This leads to bacteria accumulation. Here is where Dental flap surgery comes to the rescue.

Why flap surgery? What are its benefits?

Gum pockets attracting the bacteria can invade the oral health and destroy the bone structure. In most cases, bleeding and swelling of gums are common. The gum pockets are mostly unreachable to clean by physical hand. Dentists recommend professional cleaning and scaling of teeth to avoid plaque and tartar accumulation in these pockets. When this doesn’t work, flap surgery can surely relieve periodontitis. 

The major advantage of flap surgery is it restores the gums and the structure of the tooth destroyed by bacterial infection. Eliminates the teeth /gum pockets and removes the plaque and tartar buildup. A dental clinic in Nallagandla treats tens of patients every day who suffer from periodontitis using dental flap surgery. 

How does a flap surgery is performed?

Flap surgery is a leading dental surgery to cure periodontal pockets. The dentist makes a small incision in the target area and pulls back the outer gum tissue. He then removes the diseased or dead tissue, cleans the area and applies antibiotics. The dentist sometimes accesses the tooth root to check for bone damage. Any bone damages are repaired by chemical growth factors and bone regeneration techniques. At last, the periodontist closes the pulled out gum tissue back in place and seals the area. With the use of medications, the gums heal and the patient can resume normal activities.  

Are there any side effects of dental flap surgery?

Flap surgery, when performed by a professional dentist in Hyderabad, never shows any side effects.  Flap surgery is for improving the teeth’ strength, restoring bone structure, gum tissue and repairing oral hygiene. Dentists recommend not to ignore any gum diseases and infections which could destroy overall oral health. 

What is the age limit to undergo flap surgery?

A dental hospital in Gachibowli with vast patient footfall assures there is no certain age restriction to have flap surgery. Unless the patient’s health records show any existing complications or if the patient is diabetic, or a smoker, flap surgery is safe even for people aged 60. Provided their gums and jaw bones are strong.

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