How to take care of your teeth during winter?

How to take care of your teeth during winter?

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Sensitive Teeth in Winter:
According to a dental hospital in Banjara Hills, our teeth and gums are more prone to infections during winter! But why? Owing to the cold breezes, people ignore keeping their bodies well-hydrated. Also, many ignore brushing twice and drinking enough water. And the result is dry mouth and plaque build-up. Hence, we must be more conscious of our oral hygiene during winter.

Ways to take extra care of your sensitive teeth in Winter

Brush and floss: Teeth, especially sensitive teeth are more susceptible to infections and damage in cold seasons. So, gently brushing twice and flossing before bed are good remedies to relieve any tooth pain.

Drink more water: It is evident that people curtail water intake during winter as we don’t feel so. But our body, especially the mouth needs enough hydration to keep bacteria at bay. A well-hydrated mouth is always free of bacteria growth and germs.

Foods to avoid: Foods that are acidic in nature, junk foods, and hot beverages tempt us in the winter season. No doubt we enjoy them but consuming more of such foods can damage sensitive teeth. Toothache, dry mouth and gum bleeding are some of the unwanted results. So, limiting the intake of such foods can keep sensitive teeth healthy during this season.

Mouthwash for gums: Using chemical-free mouthwash for gums can help prevent gum infections and bacterial build-up. Since the chilly months come along with contagious diseases like cases of flu and fever, taking care of overall health is also important.

Keep your face warm: A dentist in Chandanagar stresses, “besides keeping the body and feet warm, covering the face and neck is vital too”. Use stoles/scarves while you head out in the chilly climate to prevent the cold breezes from hitting your face. Sensitive teeth can experience a lot of pain and infections when exposed to cooler breezes.

Last but not least: A dental clinic in Hyderabad advises having a clean-up session for the teeth at least twice a year. We recommend you visit a nearby dentist once in six months and check for tooth infections. Cleaning the teeth before the winter is a good option if you have tooth sensitivity.

Caring for teeth and craving for good oral hygiene paves way for better overall health.
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