General Dentistry

General Dentistry

A general dentist in Hyderabad is easy to find at any major location in the city. He is the first choice that people would go for to solve their dental woes. Irrespective of age groups and severity of the problem a general dentist would look into your oral hygiene and complications as part of the dental care.

It is of utmost importance to take care of dental issues at the initial stage to prevent major complications in gum and jaw areas. It is advised to go for a regular dental checkup at least twice a year for good oral health. Your dentist would do a thorough examination of teeth, gums and mouth and advise accordingly. This step of prevention could put major dental woes at bay and also help in easy dental treatment

According to some reports, it is said that the majority of dental problems are preventative which in turn could stop or delay the progression of the effect thereby saving your pockets. General dentistry is like a saviour for many people especially for people who have to undergo sensitive teeth treatment.

What is the cost of dental treatment in Hyderabad?

Considering the growth in our hectic lifestyle and urbanisation, there are plenty of dental clinics around us offering their services. A dental clinic in ToliChowki has experienced general dentists charging minimal consultation fees. Similarly, there are also medical camps being set up around the city premises conducting general check-ups and counselling on oral hygiene. This would drag people to their clinics or hospitals for further diagnosis and treatment if needed.

The cost of primary dental treatment may seem little but if the problem is ignored and treatment delayed, it could get worsened and require further diagnosis. This could cost you more. A dentist in Madhapur is known for his experience in general dentistry where he provides primary care to all age groups with dental woes.

National Dental Care is a one-stop destination for all your dental worries and all age groups. It has the best dentists and surgeons with a hundred per cent reliable equipment. The availability of general dentists at NDC is more as compared to its peers like any leading dental hospital in Kondapur.

To conclude, general dentistry is aimed at oral disease prevention and hence given the highest importance in health care.


Q.1. What are the benefits of general dentistry?

General dentistry is usually meant to deal with standard measures of maintaining oral health. Problems related to gums, painful teeth, and mouth are addressed. Visit your dentist once every six months to keep oral problems at bay.

Q.2. What treatments are involved in general dentistry?

General dentists deal with people of all ages. They diagnose and treat most of the minor concerns like tooth cleaning, polishing, filling, etc. General dentistry prevents the need for restoration procedures like RCT and implants.

Q.3. How important is general dentistry?

Oral health is the reflection of one’s general health. Few oral problems can lead to uncontrolled diabetes and heart problems. General dentistry diagnoses such cases and refers to consultants. General dentists offer counselling towards tobacco cessation and oral hygiene routine to people of all ages.

Q.4. When should one see a general dentist?

Visiting a dentist every six months is great. Otherwise, immediately after one sees a change in their oral health like – bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth pain or a cavity. Remember oral well being is overall well being.