Don’t ignore your bad breath. It leads to tooth loss!

Don’t ignore your bad breath. It leads to tooth loss!

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Bad breath leaves you embarrassed. If it happens rarely, that’s fine. But if it persists and intimidates you causing even relationship issues, it is high time you address the condition.

In most cases, bad breath could be a serious and primary indication of poor oral hygiene. If ignored, it leads to tooth loss or other health complications.

Possible causes of chronic bad breath
A dentist in chandanagar briefs the main causes of bad breath as below:
Poor brushing and improper flossing are the primary causes as bacteria on the teeth and tongue become the cause.
Due to the unevenness of the tongue, food particles may be struck deeper in the mouth causing a bad odour.
Another main reason is tooth cavities or gum disease.
Sometimes certain strong foods like onions can enter the bloodstream and cause bad mouth breath. Of course, this is temporary.
High protein foods may not suit everyone as they take time to metabolize releasing gasses. This leads to poor oral breath.
Dry mouth is a condition where your mouth doesn’t get enough saliva which leads to a bad smell.
In some serious cases like as tonsillitis and gastrointestinal problems, bad breath is common.

How to control or treat bad breath?
A renowned dentist in Madinaguda advises on reversing bad breath. Maintaining good oral hygiene in the first place could put bad mouth odour at bay.
Adding further, a well-balanced and nutritious diet helps your body metabolise well and prevent bad odour in the mouth in addition to overall good health.

Brushing, flossing, and gargling after eating can prevent bad breath.

Avoiding strong foods like garlic and onions at night prevents bad odour from the mouth.

Keeping yourself well hydrated helps prevent dry mouth and bad breath.

When is the high time to visit a dentist?
A dental clinic in Madinaguda attends at least 20 patients suffering from bad breath. This indicates the seriousness of oral hygiene. If proper oral care is not helping you and there may be deeper cavities or gum problems or else there may be an underdiagnosed health complication. Consult a dentist near you and he can assist you with the solutions.

See a dentist regularly and you don’t have to feel bad breath.

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