Dentists recommended tips for the oral health of kids

Dentists recommended tips for the oral health of kids


It is very vital to take care of the oral health of kids starting from an early age. Kids start developing dental cavities and other oral problems when there is no proper oral care for them. Also, it is not easy to get children to brush twice a day or let them not eat sugary foods. However, there are some good and smart ways to induce oral hygiene habits in children. They help prevent childhood tooth cavities and bad breath.

A dental clinic in Banjara hills stresses on the fact that improving oral hygiene from childhood is easier than in later ages. Let’s look into some tips.

  • Surprise your kid by getting them their favourite coloured toothbrush. This provokes them to brush regularly.
  • Ask your kid to choose their favourite flavoured toothpaste.
  • Explain to them the importance of good food in oral hygiene and the effects of soft drinks and hot drinks.
  • Take them to a nearby dental clinic with a kids specialist to let them gain oral hygiene knowledge. 
  • Make brushing a fun-filled activity. For example, start a timer and allow them to brush for a minute. Or let them floss for a reward you offer later. 

How to maintain kids’ teeth?

Parents often worry about their kids’ oral habits and how to maintain their teeth. Teaching kids the benefits of brushing and flossing daily helps prevent cavities. Start giving them a fluoride-rich toothpaste as they turn 2. This helps build strong tooth. Also, monitor the kids while they brush to make sure they do not consume the toothpaste.

A dentist near Ameerpet is an experienced pediatric dentist and he tackles stubborn kids with ease. A child-friendly and compassionate dentist can help your kid understand the importance of oral health. 

What foods to avoid for healthy teeth in kids?

Sugary foods especially candies and soft drinks erode the enamel on the teeth causing cavities. Limit the sugary foods & soft drinks intake in your kids for healthy teeth. Let them eat foods rich in vitamins such as carrots, apples and berries. This lets their teeth grow strong. Always ask your child to rinse or brush immediately after consuming sweets or sugary foods. This avoids bacterial accumulation and prevents tooth decaying. 

A dental hospital in Kondapur has the best pediatric dentists in the city. Regular dental checkups in kids can assure they are free from cavities. Also, any early signs of jaw bone disorders and other oral problems can be detected. If kids are deprived of fluoride, then dentists recommend topical fluoride solutions to ensure strong teeth. 

For a more clear guidance of kids dental health, visit a pediatric dentist in the nearby National Dental Care clinic.

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