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Dental Tourism in India

Dental tourism is may be a new thing for many. Bur for most people, it is a familiar term. The combined idea of enjoying a picturesque, tranquil vacation and having a dental treatment is what dental tourism means. This idea of planning a beautiful vacation besides getting dental implants or root canal done at a top dental hospital is something that sounds ideal yet budget friendly!

Yes, according to some reports, it is said that the average savings that an individual from a foreign country like US can do by getting his dental job done in India including travelling, food and lodging expenses is almost 18-20% of the total cost in their original country!! This is the reason why foreign people look for dental travel agencies to get their teeth woes corrected along with a holiday vacation.

National dental care has also collaborated with popular dental travel agencies that cite NDC as the best dental hospital with world-class amenities, highly experienced dentists and surgeons, quality equipment and well-behaved staff. NDC offers dental treatments in minimum number of sittings and visits compared to the peers and also that are cost effective.

Why to opt for dental tourism?

As mentioned above, it gives a foreigner the combined benefit of getting his dental job done at less cost and spending the recovery time relaxing at beaches, enjoying the beauty of forts and palaces. Also, many dental care providers first finish off the treatment so that the foreigner could get time to revisit for follow-up sessions and recover completely within the return time period.

Why choose NDC as part of dental tourism?

We have the best dentists who speak fluent English. So the foreign patient who can’t cope with the local language does not have to suffer.

Our dentists advise a customised treatment plan according to the needs and requirements of the patient also keeping in mind their India-staying period.

Our staff are well trained to assist and help foreign patients at times of emergency and first-aid.

We follow additional precautions and safety measure during this pandemic time. All our dentists, surgeons and staff are fully vaccinated and adaopt proper sanitisation rules.

We do offer dental care packages specifically designed for dental tourism.

Our dentists would thoroughly examine the previous dental history of the patient from their foreign doctor and also forward the current reports after the treatment to the same if needed. This helps in zero confusion and communication gap post the trip and treatment if further follow-up check-ups are needed.