Dental Fluorosis: All you need to know about it today!

Dental Fluorosis: All you need to know about it today!

Dental Fluorosis

A common term you all might have heard. But how far are you aware of the condition? A dental clinic in Jubilee Hills has come up with a motto to make people of all ages including children aware of what dental fluorosis is and how to treat it.

We all know fluoride is an essential mineral in dental cavities prevention. That is why the government allows adding it to the water supply in certain areas owing to the necessity. But when the mineral is absorbed too much than needed, especially by kids below eight years, it leads to enamel loss causing white spots on the teeth. And this condition is irreversible!

In what way dental fluorosis can occur?

A renowned dentist Somajiguda, explains in an interview that dental fluorosis is majorly caused by consuming excessive fluoride in the water. Another common reason is using fluoride-rich kinds of toothpaste and rinses for a prolonged period. The least common reason is consuming medications that contain fluoride in parallel to the fluoride-rich water.

Does dental fluorosis occur in adults?
It is most unlikely that dental fluorosis is noticed in an adult or adolescent. Children below eight years or who are yet to develop permanent teeth are more prone to fluorosis by prolonged excessive fluoride intake.

How to treat dental fluorosis?
According to a dentist in Yousufguda, one should for a teeth whitening treatment immediately once you notice white patches on the teeth. Teeth micro abrasion, polishing and teeth bonding are other options in fluorosis treatment. The last one is going for veneers if the condition worsens and teeth polishing doesn’t help.

How to prevent dental fluorosis?
Check whether your drinking water contains enough fluoride. Do not offer your kid toothpaste or mouth rinse with fluoride if he is below 6 years. Consult a dentist if in case your child’s teeth need care. Make sure your kids use mild toothpaste and a soft brush to clean their teeth.

Remember, anything consumed than it should be is dangerous!

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