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Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are a choice of treatment to address teeth cavities or holes. These cavities result from tooth decay, bad oral hygiene or incorrect brushing of the teeth. The process of filling includes materials like composite resin, gold or silver amalgam to fit and match the best with the natural teeth.

Dental fillings are also suggested by your dentists to correct broken or cracked teeth. The materials can be used either in a single or a mixture of two or more. For example, a tooth decay treatment needs a combination of silver, zinc and copper depending upon the effect of the cavity or as per the dentist’s advice.

As a part of dental cavity treatment, dentists suggest the type of filling that fits best for particular teeth cavities. Also, the filling materials differ in their cost as well as their stain resistance capacities. For example, Ceramics or Porcelain materials are recommended for permanent tooth filling followed by composite filling and gold. National Dental Care recommends the ideal dental treatment in Hyderabad that meets quality standards without compromising on hygiene and safety. NDC adopts updated technology and tools to bestow the skilful treatment upon its patients. A cost-effective yet efficient solution is the motto of NDC.

You may have your preferred dentist in Punjagutta as suggested by your friend or someone else. But visiting a renowned hospital with prominent doctors is much needed than something high-end. Tooth fillings are not just a one-day solution, the material that a dentist suggests should be durable, cost-effective and also fit the affected place right. NDC has genuine reviews from its past patients that you can rely on.

Dental fillings are carried out to perfection in one top dental hospital in Yousufguda, a major city neighbourhood. Many people prefer the destination for reasons they have. Cost, durability, number of visits play a major role in deciding on a hospital.

Step by step procedure of dental fillings

Your dentist first identifies the affected area to determine the intensity of the cavity. It may even sometimes need an x-ray. If it is a cracked or broken tooth, you may need more sittings. A temporary filling is followed by a permanent tooth filling.

Before proceeding to a dental filling, the dentist cleans out the debris in the tooth, if needed opts for drilling to an extent of the decay.

Then filling is followed by the suggested material. Sometimes a mixture of materials is carried out in layers. The bottom-most layer, i.e., close to the root is closed by glass fillings. Then comes either ceramic or silver amalgam or gold.

Finally, you may get a tooth polishing preferably.

A dental clinic in SR nagar, though looks simple, has many records of successful dental jobs accomplished at affordable cost. People nearby are opting for this destination keeping the cost and durability in mind. NDC is as prominent and standard as any other dental hospital around since it keeps quality treatment first followed by the hygiene.