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Dental Crowns & Bridges Treatment


Zirconia teeth are in the rage these days among people, especially the youth using teeth caps or crowns to protect dental implants or damaged teeth. Zirconia crowns are made from a ceramic material that is as stronger as the metal crowns besides offering a pleasant appearance like the porcelain crowns. For people who don’t wish to have metal teeth caps or crowns in their mouth, this is the best option suggested by dentists. In the first place, the crowns are mostly suggested to restore the lost teeth or the shape and size of the existing ones. Also, they serve as a great support post dental implants or after a root canal treatment.

To simplify, zirconia teeth are made of the crystalline oxide form of the metal zirconium and hence the name zirconium crowns or zirconia crowns. They are durable yet stronger than other metals used for crowns and bridges. A dental hospital in Jubilee Hills is famous for its speciality in fixing these crowns with perfection. National dental care has expert dentists who fix dental bridges and crowns at minimal cost with great durability. Our dentists suggest the appropriate type of crowns based on the requirement of the patients.

When does one need to go for zirconia crowns and bridges?

A tooth crown or bridge serves as a support to restore or protect a damaged, broken or cracked tooth. Sometimes, bridges and crowns are advised to make the overall appearance of your teeth-line better. A zirconia crown is suggested for a person with a discoloured tooth as well while it is also fixed over an implanted tooth.

Cost of zirconia crowns

Zirconia crowns cost in Hyderabad is very much budget-friendly and also easily available at almost every dental clinic in Punjagutta. Sometimes, the price of zirconia teeth may vary concerning the hospital chosen but not much. Though their cost is more than the conventional metal crowns, considering the appearance they offer and the durability, it is worth spending on zirconia bridges and crowns.

For those people searching for a dentist in Banjara hills to get fixed with zirconia teeth, this is for you. Now, you can get affordable dental bridges and crowns in almost every dental clinic nearby you in Hyderabad. Make sure you choose one wisely since the placement of dental crowns affects the longevity of your natural teeth beneath the crowns. You don’t have to kill your time in revisiting the clinics to get the zirconia teeth fixed. It takes an average of two sittings for an individual to have them placed. Some clinics even have the technology to imprint the teeth in their labs so that they can fix them on the same day while some clinics ask for a revisit.

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