Dental Braces Treatment

What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are some materialistic wearables on teeth majorly used for straightening the position of the teeth or to correct the jaw line. The main purpose of the braces is to achieve smile aesthetics and proper functioning of the wrongly positioned teeth.

Why are dental braces used?

Dental Braces Treatment can give the smile one dreams for. We all need a smile that comes from within because beauty lies in it. But not everyone has a perfect smile. Crooked teeth could be one dental woe that pulls back some people from smiling. The solution for this is to go for Dental Braces Treatment. Aligning the abnormally shaped teeth to perfection using braces or popularly called tooth clips is the procedure that lies behind this permanent teeth straightening.

Before deciding on getting the tooth clip treatment, one needs to choose the right destination (clinic or dentist) of all the available orthodontics in Hyderabad. Also, patients need to decide on what treatment option to go for but only after their dentist’s advice and thorough observation. As not everyone’s requirement is the same as the treatment. Tooth clip treatment uses any of the three braces – Fixed braces, Lingual braces and Damon braces. All three differ in their price, look and feel including comfort.

What is the cost of dental braces treatment in Hyderabad?

The teeth braces cost in Hyderabad is not too pricey but yes needs some pocketful to achieve a quality outcome with durable braces. Your dentist examines the teeth’s positioning on the first visit and concludes the time period to wear the braces and also advises the type of braces as well. Thus the cost varies depending on several factors.

What is the right age to go for teeth braces?

There is no upper age limit to wear braces if one has good oral hygiene and healthier gums. One can start having braces as early as one turn 7 so as to correct the positioning of the teeth and jawline.

What are the types of braces used in present dentistry?

  • Metal braces: These are commonly used braces with elastics to bind the teeth and are less painful. The present-day metal wired braces come in smaller sizes to satisfy aesthetic requirements.
  • Metal lighting braces: These types of braces do not need any elastics to hold the wires onto the teeth and use a lock system. They are much smaller and more convenient than the conventional metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces: These braces use the wires of tooth colour and hence they are least visible. Usually preferred for upper teeth, ceramic metal braces need more attention and care than the above-mentioned. 
  • Lingual metal braces: Being the least noticeable, the braces are made of either gold or silver metal and are usually placed behind the teeth. 
  • Aligners: The most happening non-visible braces without any wires or brackets. These aesthetic braces are appealing and are highly preferred by youth and young adults. They don’t come with food restrictions and are a way to wear. Also, aligners cover the tooth gaps.

How much time does one need to keep the braces?

It would take 2 to 3 years for the teeth clips treatment to show its work on the misaligned teeth. This time frame may vary a little depending on the affected teeth movement. Fixed braces is the most common and orthodox dental braces treatment that has a visible wired structure bound around the teeth to bring them to the required placement. Whereas, Lingual braces are not visible from the front side of the teeth. Next comes the Damon braces that are part of the updated teeth clips treatment.

Treatment Cost and Effectiveness

Teeth straightening cost in Hyderabad is not too harsh on the pockets but at the same time is not easy for some people. It could be a costlier affair in places like a dental clinic in Banjara Hills. But zeroing in on a hospital is as important as deciding to go for the alignment.

National Dental Care is one right choice for people with misaligned teeth or crooked teeth that provides the best tooth clip treatment at a lesser cost compared to any dental hospital in SR Nagar. NDC treats its patients with utmost care and updated tools and technology besides maintaining hygiene standards in this pandemic. It has experienced orthodontics that charge lesser compared to its peers.

A dentist in Ameerpet is famous for this orthodontic treatment but may not be your choice because of the availability and fees issues. We have the best alternative yet proficient. Visiting our clinic and getting tooth clip treatment done by our orthodontists is worth every penny spent.


Q.1. Are dental braces painful?

When implanted correctly by an expert orthodontist, braces are never painful. However, some patients experience mild to moderate discomfort after getting them. With time the inconvenience goes away.

Q.2. How long does a patient need to wear teeth braces?

The more one wears the quicker the teeth’s position is fixed. However, the time period depends on the health of the gums, the complexity of the teeth’s position and also the patient’s care for braces. Usually, a well-cared braces set can fix the teeth in 3-5 years.

Q.3. Are there any food restrictions after getting braces?

Of course, yes. Having non-crunchy, non-sticky and avoiding carbonated drinks can be advantageous to teeth fixing. These limitations are strict for people with permanent or metal braces. As aligners are removable, one can eat whatever they wish.

Q.4. Are teeth braces a costly thing?

Not. Depending on the metal or material chosen, the impact of the teeth and the right orthodontist, getting dental braces fixed does not affect one’s pocket. Further, it brings an aesthetic appearance to the person’s smile and face.