Dental attention! Check if you need a tooth filling

Dental attention! Check if you need a tooth filling

tooth filling treatment

Unattended tooth cavity causes debris to accumulate in the tooth or in between the teeth. This leads to tooth sensitivity, pain and even discomfort while eating. Dental filling or commonly called tooth filling is a painless procedure that repairs a tooth. 

What actually is tooth filling?

Dentists remove the debris from the decayed part of the tooth, and clean and fill the area with safe materials. This procedure is commonly prescribed to restore the tooth’s normal structure and function as well. 

Materials used for a tooth filling

A dental clinic in Banjara Hills, famous for tooth fillings uses materials like Amalgam, composite or gold. The most common dental filling material is composite which is in the natural colour of the tooth followed by silver.

Who can go for dental or tooth fillings?

There is no age barrier or restriction to go for tooth fillings. According to a dentist in Gachibowli, as the procedure is completely non-invasive, anyone with deep dental cavities can choose fillings. All types of fillings can last for up to 10 years depending on the quality of the treatment. Also, the cost varies depending on the type of material chosen by the patient or as advised by the dentist.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental fillings?

A dental hospital in Nallagandla explains the most common benefits of tooth fillings as:

  1. One can witness reduced pain in the affected tooth
  2. The tooth becomes stronger and normal in shape after filling
  3. The adjoint teeth get support and avoid decay
  4. Tooth’s life is increased by 5 – 10 years with proper post-care
  5. The person’s chewing and grinding ability is back to normal
  6. Zero or minimal tooth sensitivity 
  7. No more bad breath or debris accumulation in the area
  8. Improved oral hygiene and self-confidence

As there is a flip side to the coin, there lie a few side effects of tooth fillings.

  1. With a faulty treatment, the fillings create a gap between them and the tooth. This gathers more debris.
  2. Some filling materials may shrink with time or improper layered filling leading to cavities.
  3. Overexposure of the tooth filling hard biting or accidental hitting leads to broken or chipped filling. This could lead to a possible mouth infection.

Preventive measures and precautions

With regular dental checkups and proper oral hygiene, one can avoid dental cavities or improve the life of dental fillings. Getting tooth filling from a renowned dental clinic can help increase the life span of the decayed tooth. Paying proper attention and understanding the filling materials is important before going for the procedure.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the type of filling materials with the dentist before having the tooth filling.

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