Curettage Dental Treatment 

Best Curettage Dental Treatment in Hyderabad

Curettage Dental Treatment

Catching up frequent tooth pain and gum bleeding even with proper dental care is a sign of gingivitis or periodontitis. Unexplored regions between the gums and the teeth have bacteria accumulating and exploiting the tooth structure. In this case, tooth loss is certain besides leaving people embarrassed. Dental curettage could prevent teeth from advanced periodontitis and aid in tooth reconstruction.

What is dental curettage?

Curettage dental treatment is a part of general or preventive dentistry yet a minor surgical procedure. It is often referred to as root planning as it involves discarding damaged tooth structure and smoothening the tooth surface. Your dentist removes the periodontal bacteria that is deposited in the gum pockets remaining invisible and affecting the tooth root. If needed the infected gum lining is also discarded. This is followed by tooth restructure that is compatible with health gum tissue.

Why does one need curettage and root planning?

When the condition of gingivitis is advanced, it leads to periodontitis – a severe gum disease. Paying heed to this oral disorder is of utmost importance as the other way can lead to tooth loss. Bleeding gums, severe pain while eating, sensitivity and bad breath are common symptoms. Visit the nearby NDC clinic to consult an experienced periodontist immediately to address the condition.


Q.1. What is the recovery period after curettage treatment?

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the gums to regain their attachment with the teeth and establish firmness.

Q.2. What are the benefits of dental curettage?

Dental curettage aids in improving oral health and alleviating gum infection. Patients can prevent their infected tooth from extraction by performing deep cleaning of the affected tooth thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases in future. Reduced bad breath, sensitivity and improved gum health are other benefits.

Q.3. Are there any disadvantages of dental curettage?

Compared to the benefits the surgery offers, the flop side is negligible. However, patients experience increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods owing to the gum tissue removal.

Q.4. Is the dental curettage treatment a costly affair?

A professional dental curettage treatment offered at famed dental clinics like NDC would not cost much. However, investing a on tooth restructuring and improved gum health is not a bad idea as it is related to the overall health and aesthetics.