Cosmetic Dentist in hyderabad

Cosmetic dentistry has turned out to be a blessing for many people these days. After all, a smile is the first feature that people notice in you and a beautiful smile with a more beautiful teeth line is what one yearns for. People who lack the latter go for smile makeover treatment. This is nothing but correcting teeth with aesthetic procedures to solve problems like discolouration, teeth gaps, misshaped teeth, etc. Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Hyderabad is not a big deal and also it can get you the best smile you wished for. Get some details here about the same.

Almost all dentists are aware of cosmetic dentistry and can fulfil your requirements. Most of the times veneers for teeth would improve the overall smile. But choosing one dentist for a specific requirement of yours is important. When you search for “cosmetic dentistry near me” you can find a list of results popping up but going for the experienced and qualified is equally required.

Since cosmetic dental surgery is not that simple as one would think, investing time and money should be worth your selection of the dentist. As we said above many dentists know the cosmetic procedures but only some do specialisations in the area and obtain experience. Finding one such dentist would give you the finest results in a smile makeover.

How much does a smile makeover cost?

Don’t worry about the cost of seeing a cosmetic dentist in Somajiguda or some other area. It is all about finding an experienced and qualified one since there would not be many variations in the affordability.

A cosmetic dental clinic in Hyderabad focuses not just only on aesthetics but gives equal prominence on overall oral health and also checks for the good functioning of the teeth. National Dental Care is one such dental hospital where you find certified professionals in cosmetic dentistry doing the job at a reasonable cost. NDC uses updated technology and high-quality equipment without compromising on hygiene standards. So, you find it as one top choice available for you.

One dental clinic in Begumpet is known for teeth-whitening treatment, veneer placements and bridge and crowns treatment. People nearby prefer the clinic for these reasons and may ignore the cost. Even though the cost of the treatment varies from dentist to dentist, the results are taken into account before ranking a dental clinic.

Similarly, gum reshaping, braces and dental contouring also come under cosmetic dentistry for which the experience of the doctor must be considered. A dental hospital in Manikonda focuses on aesthetic dentistry such as smile makeover treatment and believes in achieving hundred per cent patient satisfaction with their services.

To conclude, don’t splurge too much on cosmetic dental surgery as you could find numerous options in the city. Find a qualified cosmetic dentist in Hyderabad before you invest your time and effort.


Q.1. What are the treatments involved in cosmetic dentistry?

Anything that makes your smile beautiful comes under cosmetic dentistry. From teeth whitening to veneer placement, composite bonding and smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry is all about aesthetics.

Q.2. Are cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics the same?

No. Orthodontics is solely related to dental care and is meant to improve the position of teeth and bite. Whereas, cosmetic dentistry is all about improving smile aesthetics by correcting teeth colour and size. 

Q.3. Can cosmetic dentistry correct and cover broken teeth?

Dental faults like chipped and broken teeth can be corrected via cosmetic dentistry with the help of veneers. The treatment helps in both ways – visible improvement and functional correction. 

Q.4. Can a general dentist do cosmetic corrections in dental care?

No. Both general and cosmetic dentistry are different. The former deals with preventing and treating dental disorders like tooth and gum diseases while the latter deals with improving one’s smile aesthetics.