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Clear Aligners, Invisible Braces Treatment


Clear aligners have been the current trending and on-demand teeth braces for the past few years now. They have become an advantage for those people experiencing teeth positioning problems and who don’t like wearing the traditional wired braces. They are popular for their plastic and a clear body that makes them invisible. Hence the name Invisalign braces. The invisible teeth braces are said to be effective on crowded teeth and incorrectly spaced teeth that are not more than 6mm apart. So, conventional or wired braces are for more severe teeth positioning woes whereas invisible aligners serve for mild to moderately crowded teeth.

Unlike the conventional ones, the invisible teeth aligners are not permanently fixed and are worn stage by stage as suggested by the orthodontist.

Procedure to wear invisible dental braces

As per the current position of the crowded or unevenly placed teeth or as per the requirement of the patient, the orthodontist develops the final model and using some digital moulds few braces are suggested stage by stage. In simple terms, one particular invisible teeth braces are fixed for a couple of weeks for at least 22 hours a day to move the teeth to the first level of the required position. This process continues for another few stages where the teeth are moved to the desired position level by level using the clear braces. On average, it takes 12 to 18 months for the invisible braces treatment to work and show their effect.

Cost of invisible clear aligners in Hyderabad

The total cost of invisible braces treatment is pocket-friendly and is affordable. A dental hospital in Banjara Hills facilitates high-quality clear aligners for its patients which is now mostly in demand. The cost of clear braces may vary from brand to brand and also depends on the required movement of the teeth sometimes.

National Dental Care has the best orthodontists experienced in positioning invisible dental braces with much effort and updated technology. It is the much sorted-after destination for teeth woes after any renowned dental clinic in Ameerpet that people usually prefer. The dentists at NDC are patient-friendly and follow standard hygiene.

Since opting for clear aligners has been trending nowadays, picking the right orthodontist is as important as investing in the decision. You may find a dentist in SR Nagar affordable or experienced, but before zeroing in on a dentist, make sure you put your requirement first rather than depending on reviews or budget.

So, have the best smile of yours by choosing invisible teeth braces that hide the unevenness but not your smile.