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Why do you need to go for Zirconia crowns?

Zirconia crowns are in rage among the dental hospitals and clinics in the city. The reason is their durability and strength. For aesthetic preferring patients who have cracked or misshaped teeth, these crowns are the best choice.

Having a porcelain-like appearance, and metal-like strength, Zirconia crowns are harder and last longer than regular crowns.

When to go for treatment?
When you have a discolored tooth or a dental implant, your dentist advises you to go for crowns. Ceramic and porcelain are commonly known options but there is something new to the lot. Zirconia metal is strong that it can give your existing teeth support to chew harder food.

In some cases, a dentist may also use these crowns to support the existing teeth bridges. The zirconia metal is biocompatible, which means, it doesn’t cause any reactions in the body. So, if you are sensitive to other metals or materials, you can undoubtedly go for these crowns.

A dental hospital in Manikonda makes its patients happy by cementing the zirconia crowns in just a single visit. Can’t believe it? But you have to! To have regular crowns, the dentist sends your tooth’s impressions to the lab. But zirconia crowns are simply made at a dentist’s office and fixed on the tooth!

Dentists layer the zirconia crowns with porcelain materials so as to give the teeth a more natural appearance. They do so when they fix the crowns on the front teeth that are more visible. This is less possible with regular crowns.

The crowns are easily available at any dental hospital and may vary in price. According to your requirement and the dentist’s suggestion, the cost may differ. A dental clinic in Begumpet offers to fix the zirconia crowns at the best possible price for its patients.

Choose the best for your teeth to look and feel the best.