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What do you feed for your teeth? Confused? Read now

We are what we eat and yes this applies to our teeth. Like our hair needs protein, the skin needs vitamins, and our teeth need nutrition! A renowned dentist in Hyderabad says, since our teeth have protective enamel, a mineral, avoiding acidic foods is good.

We crave a healthy gum line and brighter teeth. And we take good oral care with lots of cosmetic products. But if we still experience bad breath or discoloration, it is due to a lack of nutritional care for our teeth! Oral care is good, but doing it properly is vital. Most of us, perhaps lack knowledge, ignore invasive foods for our teeth. This could in turn wear out the enamel, paving the way to cavities resulting in tooth loss.

The best diet for teeth
A dental clinic in Manikonda sees a major footfall of patients complaining of lost enamel or cavities. It reports the causes are mainly due to excessive caffeine intake, sugary foods, tobacco, and acidic foods. To reverse the unwanted results, you need to intake calcium, vitamin, and probiotic-rich foods. This not only prevents bad breath but can improve the brightness of the teeth.

Health food is a healthy mouth and good health!
Most of us sometimes ignore oral hygiene and unknowingly fall prey to ill health. For long-lasting healthy teeth and gums, and fresh breath, a balanced diet with nutrients is a must. Milk, yogurt, and green veggies are commonly heard suggestions. Apart from those, there are a few that might surprise you. Learn about them here.

Surprising superfoods for brighter teeth
A dental hospital in Yousufguda suggests its patients to have raw onions on a regular basis! Baffled? Of course, they cause a strong smell but it’s temporary. What we don’t know is that raw onions help to remove of hidden plaque.

Next comes pineapples and strawberries. These antioxidant-rich fruits are scientifically proved to prevent plaque and gingivitis! Nuts, eggs, liver, bell peppers especially red, carrots, soy, etc are great boosters for healthy teeth.

When a nutrition-rich food can do good for you gut, why not for your gums? Nature has been giving us the health we need but grabbing it is a wise choice!

Eat good, smile great and smell the best! Dentist in Hyderabad at NDC Best Adviser