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Is your child enjoying their brushing routine?

Brushing your kids’ teeth is not as simple as you think. Neither it is as dreadful as you fear. It is indeed a tactical routine that parents should teach their children, says a renowned dentist in Yousufguda.

Is it too early to start brushing my kid’s teeth? Which brush to choose? How much amount of toothpaste to use? Can I let my child brush on himself? These are the questions that linger around a parent’s mind when their kid starts developing teeth. One thing parents should mind is that they should make kids’ brushing routine a fun-filled game besides letting them know the need for oral hygiene.

What are the tricks to follow?
Let your child know the importance of brushing and caring for their teeth. Yes, explain to them about oral hygiene, cavities and gum health. Let them use their fingers first before jumping into using a toothbrush.

Always use kid-friendly toothpaste. As we said earlier, it is important to choose kids’ toothpaste with fluoride presence accordingly.

Buy your kids their favourite cartoon embossed toothbrush. You find them easily in supermarkets or online. This is the best way to get children to love their brushing time.

Get along with your kids
According to a dentist in Somajiguda, accompanying your kids while brushing is a good idea. It helps develop their brushing skills. As they try imitating yours, they learn the right way to clean their teeth and gums. Also, teaching the kids how to gargle is a good idea.

Kids always love having fun in whatever things they do. So, make sure they brush their teeth either with a song or moments of fun.

When to consult a dentist?
When your child is throwing tantrums to brush their teeth and if you can’t help the same, go visit a pediatric dentist. Because only a dentist specialising in with dealing kids can understand and counsel the kids on the issue. They show the kids how plaque attacks the teeth, what brushing can do to remove it, how healthy teeth look and feel and many more.

A dental clinic in Jubilee Hills is well known for its pediatric dentistry. If you have queries regarding brushing your kid’s teeth or their oral hygiene, wait not to visit a kids’ dentist and clear your doubts.

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