Beware! Cold and flu remedies affect your oral health!

Beware! Cold and flu remedies affect your oral health!

Cold And Flu Remedies
We run after OTC medications whenever we catch a cold. But there is a hidden fact behind the usage of remedies for the common cold and flu! The medications can affect our oral health resulting in dry mouth, tooth cavities and bad breath etc. Nevertheless, it is difficult to manage household /office chores with a runny nose. Agree? That is why people prefer going for home remedies for relief. But to our surprise, a dentist in Kondapur said that even homemade remedies have side effects! Let’s see what cold and flu remedies can affect oral health Decongestants: The common side effect of decongestants is that they dry out our mouth besides blocking a runny nose. A dry mouth encourages the growth of bad bacteria which in turn leads to tooth decay. In addition, there are chances for gum diseases as well. Solution: If you are about to use decongesting medications, drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated. Cough syrup: Cough syrups are sugary, and they affect the teeth. On the other hand, some of them even contain alcohol (in minimum percentage) which leads to saliva depletion. A decrease in saliva leads to dry mouth and tooth decay. Solution: A dental clinic in KPHB advises its patients to drink plenty of water and brush twice a day at least while using cold medications. This reduces the unwanted effects of medications on oral health. Lemon /orange juice and hot beverages: Most of the time, we drink ginger tea or pepper tea to relieve cold symptoms. But the sugar in the drinks ignites bacterial growth leading to tooth decay. Similarly, citrus juices and acidic foods can wear off the enamel coating of the teeth. Solution: A dental hospital in Madinaguda suggests not having sugary foods. Gargling with warm water can replenish the damage to some extent. Sore throat lozenges affect the teeth as cough syrups do. When to see a dentist? Although cold and flu remedies give us relief, they have their negative side. Seeing your dentist at least every six months keeps oral /gum problems at bay. To conclude, try avoiding sugary foods and drinks. Keeping yourself hydrated is a good idea, both for oral and overall well-being.

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