About Us

National Dental Care is one of the Best Dental hospital in Ameerpet Hyderabad and the leading dental clinic for dental surgeries like orthodontist, exodontists, endodontists for pediatric & adult teeth whitening, lamination, extraction etc. We are having 18 yrs of experience in DENTISTRY, we STRICTLY follow the PROTOCOLS to achieve the zero pain in dental procedures. Our success is our PATIENT successful treatments where they can eat normally and smile happily, our success is PATIENT mouth publicity. We feel like we the dentists are responsible to god for all treatments we are doing because any human being or animals in the world will eat daily where teeth play prime role to achieve taste and digestion for eating. So when PATIENT comes to us we feel more responsible, apart from budget we want serve patients with high quality treatments. Dental clinic for dental implant with top dentist in Ameerpet Hyderabad.

In our clinic our treatments basic quality starts with best quality, we use international quality materials.

We support and respect patients doubts, fears, and myths towards dental treatments at the same time we will clear all those things too.

We feel like patients are our extended family members so we support 24×7.

Our team founders are from Indian dentists, NRI dentists from Australia, from USA & Malaysia who all are having huge experience in private practice, exposed with general problems facing in dentistry, our strength is our diagnosis, treatment plan and value for money. We charge what we do.

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